Cure for the Post Basel Blues

Art Basel Miami Beach, the whirlwind fair of art and design that blows into town each December is wrapped up and ready to ship out for distant shores. If you’re anything like us you’re probably feeling the slow come down from of all the gorgeous designer decadence.

We couldn’t help but notice this year’s art and fashion connection, did you notice it too? Tracey Emin designed shirts and sandals, limited edition T-shirts by Yoko Ono and eyewear by Yves Klein, everywhere  shoes, handbags and sunglasses galore.

I picked up a pair of sandals and glasses for myself and couldn’t help but smile when I came across this quote from Lucie Greene, editor of The Lifestyle News Network:

“You’re not just buying Vuitton. You’re buying a collectable piece which is connected to a specific year and will go up in value when sold as vintage”

Yes indeed, we couldn’t agree more! So, if you missed out on the designer swag at this years fair and are feeling a little blue, come in and see us at the shop, pick up a pair of Ted Lapidus vintage sunglasses or a shiny, like new pair of Chanel shoes. Trust me…It’s bound to lift your spirits!

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