Antique Suiting Mannequin – The Industrial home accent you’ve been looking for!


Siegel & Stockman has been making tailor’s dummies, mannequins and accessory hangers since 1867.

Stockman’s mannequins are famous worldwide thanks to the accumulation of knowledge and skill passed from generation to generation. These mannequins are used by the finest Haute-Couture and fashion industry companies. Handcrafted in the workshop near Paris, Stockman’s bustforms have the elegance and the refinement of the French Savoir Faire.

        The brand became really famous during the Art Deco decades. The 20’s and the 30’s had been prosperous years for the company and Stockman provided the majority of the stores of Paris. At the same time, dawning Couture houses with dressmaker’s forms such as Christian Dior.


 Come in today and see our original early 1900’s Stockman suiting mannequin, a true piece of fashion history, and the perfect industrial accent to any chic home.

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