Adrian Pearsall

Doing a little reading about the architect and furniture designer Adrian Pearsall. A native New Yorker and philanthropist, Mr. Pearsall designed streamlined, modern furniture for the masses through his company Craft Associates for several decades. His daring yet beautiful designs led Craft Associates to become one of  the most successful furniture design houses of the mid-century “Atomic Age”.  However unlike other names from the era, Adrian Pearsall’s design legacy has mostly gone under the radar.  Adrian was finally nominated for inclusion into the American Furniture Hall of Fame in 2008 and lately collectors and interior designers are getting reacquainted with his work. We are fortunate to have two Adrian Pearsall pieces currently for sale at our store, a stunning lounger and rocking chair, both in impeccable condition.

An interesting little note about the late Mr. Pearsall (he died Sept. 6, 2011) He served for several years in the naval forces and was an avid yachtsman in his free time. In looking at the pieces now I feel like I can see the beautiful lines of sailing ships and the sea.

Here’s photo and a link to our Ebay auction:


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